Watch this short video to see how the Google Traffic Jackpot system has changed this former gym manager’s life forever:

Hi, I’m Jake Steingart and my Google Traffic Jackpot system is really just a culmination of successful seo I’ve implemented for actual clients going back to 1996. I may have been one of the very first, if not THE very first person to offer SEO services. I used my own tactics to beat Hotels.com at the hotel reservation biz in my neck of the woods here in South Florida… so much so that they offered me 7 figures to STOP, and re-direct my traffic to them. I also secured for a National employment agency, the fist 800+ placements in the search engines… that means you’d have to scroll thru 800+ listings to NOT see them.

I can get YOUR website listed in the top 3 organic listings on Google for your keywords. I have many clients that do zero other adverting because they’re Google listings have their phones ringing all day.

What’s better about investing in getting Google organic rank is simple; unlike adverting in your local coupon mailer, or Facebook ad, Google customers are actively “looking” for your service right now. That means they’re ready to pick-up the phone and call you immediately, and not tuck your coupon away in the drawer for ‘maybe someday’.

The second best thing about getting organic rank in Google like I can provide is that it’s permanent. That means once you’ve invested to have it done, that’s it. There are never any monthlies, your rank never expires as it does with pay-per-click, and in fact, organic rank actually gets stronger and better over time.

I’m happy to design a custom organic seo plan for your business, in your area, identify your perfect target market of prospective customers, and get you ranked on the first page so that your phone starts ringing like it does for all of my happy clients.

But before we go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone. I can only be of benefit to business owners who meet the following criteria:

  • You have a business that services local customers, either at your business location, or at the customer’s home
  • You conduct honest business practices and don’t plan to use my tactics to cause others harm, loss, or to mislead potential customers
  • You currently have a website… if you do not have a website, call me if you’d like to discuss my seo web design services
  • You are willing to make some constructive changes to what you are currently doing. If you think you know it all, or you’re looking for some sneaky black-hat strategies, I can’t help you. My strategies are effective, yet they don’t break any of Google’s rules… thus you’ll never have to worry about getting the “Google Slap”.

Also, just in case you’ve been bombarded with SEO offers from India and they offer back-links, blog and article marketing, press releases, etc… that’s NOT what I do. I don’t do those things because they don’t work. Google is all too familiar with those black-hat tactics and getting any results at all, will take 12 months, if any results occur at all. That’s why they get you on a monthly payment program, so they can bleed you slowly over 12 months before you cancel for lack of results.

My strategies work within one week, sometime faster. I just finished a project for an AC repair company that had a first page rank in one day.

Call me today, there’s no obligation. In fact after we speak, you can hire me OR take the recommendations I provide and run ; ) If however you do decide to hire me, my rates are affordable and permanent… meaning I don’t hold your project hostage and charge you monthly or anything like that. I’m a zero shenanigans kinda guy. Once I have completed your job and your rankings are secure, you won’t owe me another dime and the results I attain for my clients are permanent and in fact only get stronger with age. The only time my clients pay me addition fees is when/if they decide to expand their territory and rank for additional keywords and additional cities they’d like to service, which they often do.

You can call my cell if you’d like, and if I’m not on the line with another client, I should pick-up.

Jake Steingart (954) 415-1095 *note* Call me ONLY if you are a potential client and not some other SEO company that can’t attract customers online for yourself and instead call guys like me to solicit for ‘my’ leads… ain’t happening, and you’d not do a good enough job for my clients anyway.

You may also email me: jake@jakesteingart.com


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