Watch this short video to see how the Google Traffic Jackpot system has changed this guy’s life forever. We got his brand new business on the first page of Google in Days, not Months or Years. FYI, this video and his SEO campaign were created 5 years ago and he’s still on the first page, and in the top 3 (more often #1 with multiple additional top 3 to 6 listings to boot) He’s doing very well.

I can get YOUR website listed in the top 3 organic listings on Google for your keywords. I have many clients that do zero other adverting because they’re Google listings have their phones ringing all day.

Organic rank in Google (like I can provide) is permanent. That means once you’ve invested to have it done, that’s it. There are never any monthlies, your rank never expires as it does with pay-per-click, and in fact, organic rank actually gets stronger and better over time.

WARNING: Google made an update on April 21st, 2015 that has affected your rank “if” your website is not mobile compatible. Google now gives priority to websites that are phone and tablet compatible. Why? Because more and more people are searching from their mobile devises. Making your site mobile compatible will also generate more calls from potential clients. If you’d like to find out how to make your site mobile ready, click here for details.



Typically, the first thing I’ll do is to have a look at your website and I can make some necessary SEO tweaks that most (to all) web developers don’t even know to impliment when creating a website, and I can make those tweaks starting at about $400. My services are best implemented over several weeks, and costs depend on the competitiveness of your industry and keywords. Even though I spread things out over a several week period, you will see fist page ranking results in just a few days.


Jake Steingart (954) 415-1095

You may also email me: jake@jakesteingart.com


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